Happy Birthday To Me

It's my birthday!!! How am I choosing to celebrate? Here's a hint. It starts with Va and ends with cation. I know this is such a shocker to anyone reading this. 

But at the beginning of the year, I made the audacious claim that I wouldn't be traveling anywhere until summer. 

Well, clearly I lied.

As I looked at my calendar and saw a small gap where my responsibilities required little from me in a span of four days, I quickly started dreaming. Add to that this timeframe was right when I was supposed to blow out birthday candles and it was obviously destiny. 

I love spending birthdays on an adventure. Don’t you? For me, memories are the absolute best gifts. There is nothing I want more than to be living life to the fullest at a time that is meant for celebrating one’s life. 


If you have a birthday coming up in the next 365 days, and can find even a short window where you can escape the day to day living and go on an adventure that lights you up, DO IT. This is the gift that doesn’t require a gift receipt and one that keeps on giving. 

I’m so excited for this upcoming year of life. There are so many amazing things on the horizon both personally and professionally, and when I look back a year from now and reflect on all the things that happened before it’s time to turn 29 again, I’ll definitely remember these last few days as being a sweet part of the journey.

If you need any assistance planning your own celebration, I would love to help out!