Vacation Calendar: When To Go Where

When it comes to planning your vacation, timing can be everything. We picture certain destinations in our mind, often with perfect weather and conditions, and just the right amount of breeze flowing through our hair as we wiggle sand through our toes. (Am I right?!)

I would hate for you to show up in your dream destination with a hurricane watch on the horizon and nonstop rain for 7 days straight. So I’ve decided to break up the calendar and highlight which regions of the world are best to visit during certain times of year.

Does this mean it’s the only time to consider it? Absolutely not. I often gamble on low season because I prefer being somewhere when most of the tourists aren’t, but it often is just that — a gamble.

Let's take a look and when to go where, and start mapping out your future vacations so you can put them on the calendar!

December - February

When to travel to Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia/India: The conditions are just about perfect this time of year. Consider a Sri Lanka and Maldives trip for the ultimate culture and relaxation combo, or spend some time on the west coast of Thailand.

Caribbean: This time of year means that your favorite island is hurricane free and beautiful. If you are looking for a more upscale luxury experience, consider St. Lucia or Turks and Caicos. If adventure is more your thing, Costa Rica has everything you could dream of.

South America: Take advantage of high summer in the southern hemisphere with an active trip to Patagonia or a once in a lifetime Carnival experience in Brazil.

March - May

Best time to visit Europe

Europe: This is when Europe awakens and spring is in full bloom. There is a great time to see Paris, visit your favorite cities in Italy, or roam the Andalucian hills.

Central America: A great time to visit before the rainy season starts, and prices are a little more favorable. Explore Antiguan beaches (there are 365 to choose from), or get your fill of culture in Cuba.

Asia: If you’ve ever wanted to experience the cherry trees blooming, this would be the time to head to Japan.

June - August

When to travel to Fiji

South Pacific: The absolute best time to seek out paradise in French Polynesia, Fiji, or even a bit off the beaten path in Tonga.

Africa: This is prime safari season with dry conditions and good sightings. Head to the Masai Mara/Serengeti to see the great migration. 

Europe: Europe is crowded and full of tourists this time of year, but it would be a great time to head to Mallorca, or even try out one of the off-beat Greek isles.

September - November

Best time to visit Croatia

Europe: As the high season comes to an end, this is also a lovely time to visit Europe with mellowing temperatures. Think a city stay in Barcelona, the Croatian coast, or Provence vineyards.

United States: Fall foliage peaks in October, especially in the eastern United States. This is a great time to do a road trip, perhaps through Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains or consider a wine holiday in California’s Napa and Sonoma valley.

If your wanderlust is now in full effect, and you can’t wait to plan your next adventure, I’d love to hear from you and help you bring that dream to life! If you want to dig a little deeper and figure out what destination is right for your travel style, check THIS OUT.