Milk + Honey’s Insider Guide To 2019 Destinations

Whether you’re into New Year’s resolutions or not, a fresh calendar is the perfect invitation to sketch out goals for 2019. And what's more fun than a travel bucket list?

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According to Statista,  the most common New Year's resolution in 2018 (37% of people polled!) was "Eat healthier." Unfortunately, I can’t promise travel will lead to nutrient-dense meals (though fresh fruit in the tropics is plentiful!). But some of the other top 10 resolutions? Travel has you covered if you fall in the “focus on self-care,” “read more,” and “learn a new skill” camps. So in the interest of self-improvement and self-care (I’ve got your back!), here’s a list of destinations I expect to start trending in the next year. Let’s get planning!

Sri Lanka

This little island nation is turning over a new leaf in the travel industry. It topped the list in Lonely Planet’s trending destinations for 2019, and that’s no small feat. Sri Lanka has tons to offer, from sandy beaches to ancient Buddhist ruins.

How to plan a trip to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also neighbors the Maldives, a collection of islands nestled in turquoise water popular with celebrity honeymooners. Visiting both destinations could be the perfect romantic combination. Couples can relax in an overwater bungalow for half the trip. then traipse among tea fields and sacred temples — maybe pick up surfing? — during the other half. Let me know if you're interested in exploring this unspoiled gem. I’ve got a running list of must-see spots for both the beach bums and adrenaline junkies!


There’s no way to see all of Argentina in one trip. This destination has everything. Hike around glacial lakes with views of the Andes Mountains. Sip world-class wine in Mendoza. Get your adventure kicks in Patagonia. Dive right the bustle of Buenos Aires, known as “the Paris of South America” — except, you know, with an opposite climate that gives you a sizzling European summer feel in the dead of January.

If you’re into exploring cultural history, I recommend starting in Buenos Aires. You can take in an opera at the historic Teatro Colón, pick up some sultry moves with a tango lesson, or visit a revolving collection of masterpieces at the MALBA (Latin American Art Museum).

And wine lovers? Mendoza’s internationally renowned reds (hello, Malbec!) are served up in dozens of bodegas around the region. With the Andes as a backdrop, several spa resorts have sprouted up in partnership with the vineyards. It’s a truly romantic, luxurious getaway.


You all know why this made the list, right? Crazy Rich Asians lit up the box office and hotel searches on Google. Skift called the movie a “potential bonanza for Singapore tourism.” Singapore isn’t new to the luxury travel scene — but now it’s officially on the radar and doing a fine job of sparkling in the spotlight.

How to plan a trip to Singapore

So what can you expect from a getaway to this sophisticated city-country all wrapped up in one? Sky gardens. High-tech “supertrees” in Gardens by the Bay. A constellation of Michelin dining destinations. And a hub of international fashion brands. This year is shaping up to be an exciting time to visit the Asian travel hub — and the long flight gives you the perfect chance to make the most of your lay-flat seat in first class!


Travel planning to Belize

If you’ve been following along for long, you’ll know I can’t stop talking about Belize. And for good reasons too. The jungles and beaches meld together into a compact destination brimming with culture and adventure. If outdoor showers and private islands aren’t enough, how about the thought of climbing atop ancient Mayan ruins? There’s something so blissful about this country. It manages to balance simplicity and luxury in a truly lush landscape.


Are you craving a Mediterranean vibe without the crowds? Can’t choose between a glittering blue lagoon and a historic European city? Malta is your answer. Still slightly off the beaten path, this trio of Mediterranean islands is the perfect destination for foodies and sun-and-sea seekers who want a private escape. The intimacy of the islands allows me to schedule personal drivers and private tours to give travelers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of authentic Maltese crafts. It’s worth noting that this tiny destination offers authentic experiences for any traveler: all couples, families, groups of friends — the islands still have that local, welcoming spirit that sticks with you.       

If you have big travel dreams for 2019, but don’t have the hours to spend on researching the perfect trip, I’d be happy to step in and guide you. It’s my passion to play matchmaker between travelers and destinations. Contact me to plan your perfect combo.