Planning Travel for Olympians - A Full Circle Moment

I love being able to share real-life travel experiences with you. I think it helps you see my process and understand that no two trips are exactly alike because they are created with the specific traveler in mind. Today I wanted to share a couple vacations that are close to my heart. They are trips I’ve planned for athletes — people I know from my days as the same.  It’s kind of a full circle moment, and I love it.

So, how do Olympians travel? Well, here is a sneak peek at a trip in progress and an exciting adventure happening next month that just might be the most exciting trip I’ve planned to date!

An Epic Celebration in Thailand

Plan a trip to Thailand

I have a group of 14 amazing people arriving today in Phuket, Thailand. Among them the gold medalist in the women’s shot put, the bronze medalist in the women’s 100 meter hurdles, a finalist in the women’s 400, a finalist in the men’s high jump, and a few other superstar performers. 

For the next ten days, these friends will celebrate the accomplishments of the summer, a couple of birthdays, and the overall awesomeness of life. They’re staying together in an incredible villa on the ocean, and will spend their days by the amazing infinity pool, petting tigers, riding elephants, visiting monkey beach, swimming in waterfalls, and tours of temples, just to give you an overview. 

rent a villa in phuket thailand

Today they will arrive to their villa and be greeted with a surprise party set up in their honor to celebrate...because I love surprises. ;)

An Adventure of a Lifetime in Peru

About 2 months before the Olympics I was contacted by the Eatons, the incredible husband and wife super couple who spent their time in Rio collecting a gold medal in the Decathalon and a bronze in the heptathlon.  We connected over an amazing prize they were gifting two of their fans that consisted of an all expenses paid trip to Rio to watch them compete, and I helped them logistically bring that gift to life. 

We also began to plan their much deserved vacation, and while they obviously didn’t have the time to be concerned with the details of what they wanted to do, they did know they wanted it to include a hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and whatever other adventurous things they could do in Peru over a 10 day span. 

Their trip will begin with a quick exploration of Lima before heading deep into the Amazon rainforest to stay in an eco-lodge with only 3 walls, and experience all the adventure and nature the rainforest offers. 

visiting the amazon rainforest in peru

After that they head to Cusco and will visit some nearby ruins, with a possible sunset horseback ride through the Sacsayhuaman Ruins for an epic sunset experience.

The next part of the adventure is certainly not for the faint of heart, but is one of those “hotel” experiences that will have all their friends on Instagram jealous! The Skylodge Adventure Suite is a transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of the mountain where they’ll be able to take in all of the views of the Sacred Valley of Peru. They will climb the mountain via special equipment, and zip line back down after their experience is over.

capsule hotel in peru

To top it off, they will head back to Cusco to begin their 3 night trek up the Inca trail (about 25 miles of total hiking distance), where they will eventually arrive at the lost city of the Inca’s. 

When they told me that they were adventurous travelers, I took them seriously. I hope that this trip gives them the opportunity to see and experience some of the very best parts of Peru, and connect on a deeper level with both each other and all of the amazing people they will surely meet. 

how to plan a vacation to peru

I consider each and every client a privilege, but I am certainly honored when my old colleagues can turn to me in this new chapter of life as someone they trust with their leisure time. I know how precious their leisure time is, and I want to make sure it is the best it can be.