The Top 5 Destinations for Adventurous Travelers

Adventure travel speaks to me…sometimes. I am the type of traveler that can thrive on doing absolutely nothing for days on end, and also find great enjoyment in having the most mind blowing, adrenaline pumping, heart racing adventures.  I constantly have to ask myself, is this trip seeking to be an epic adventure of a lifetime, or will the most adventurous part of my trip be having two desserts? Decisions, decisions.

I know there are some people who fall firmly in one camp or the other, no matter what. Adventure seekers are always a blast to plan trips for because I know I can really let loose and create a fast-paced trip they are sure to love.  They aren’t going to call me a few days in asking me to cancel the rest of their plans because they just fell like laying low at the spa. They are going to go, and then go some more. 

If you are in that camp, I want to share with you a few of my favorite destinations I recommend for my fellow thrill-seekers. 

Costa Rica

What to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an adventure lover’s perfect playground. There is so much to do, see, and experience here, that your vacation will delight your senses in every way possible. An adventure here gives you the opportunity to visit the three different ecological regions that Costa Rica is famous for—the rainforest, cloud forest, and beautiful beaches. You’ll spend your time rappellingdown waterfalls, driving ATV’s next to volcanos, zip lining on top of the treetops through the cloud forest, and surfing some of the best breaks in the world.

South Africa

Set up camp at one of the country’s premiere luxury lodges, and get ready to experience one of the best safari experiences on the planet. Experiencing the beauty of nature and the wonder of a safari within a backdrop of gorgeous sunsets, dining alfresco underneath the stars, and falling asleep to the sounds of the savannah. Take a short 2 1/2 hour flight and head to Cape Town to experience the beautiful waterfront area, set against the iconic background of Table Mountain. Cape Town affords you the opportunity to go whale watching, hiking, diving, kayaking, and wine tasting, to name a few.


what to do in Peru on vacation

Peru offers a remarkable variety of experiences, from archaeological wonders to diverse landscapes. For many adventure seekers, the huge draw here is the Inca Trail Trek, that takes you to the magnificent ancient citadel of Machu Picchu, the most important archaeological monument in South America. Beyond that, a huge chunk of Amazon rainforest falls within its bounds, and visitors can hike through jungle, trek in the Andes, and surf the northern beaches all in the same week. This just begins to scratch the surface of the vast array of things to see and do during an adventure here.


Belize is sure to give you the thrill seeking action you are looking for. Upon arriving in Belize City, head towards the jungle and into the Cayo District. Here you can find an amazing jungle lodge to base at while you explore the area. Go hiking and biking in the mountains, zip line through the rainforest, hop in a canoe or go tubing down the river, and have an incredible adventure exploring underground in caves. And if history excites you, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to explore the ancient Mayan ruins at nearby sites.

Once you’ve had your fill of land based excitement, take a quick flight north to Ambergris Caye and have the opportunity to visit the world’s second largest barrier reef, located just offshore. This will also be an excellent place to access the famous dive site, the Blue Hole.


What to do in Bali

Beyond being home to some of the most beautiful places to stay in the world, Bali is full of a rich and diverse culture you will fall in love with, and exciting adventures you get to be a part of. A trip to here will afford you many different unique and astounding experiences while you set out to explore different parts of this Indonesian island. The beauty of Bali can be seen and experienced all throughout your adventure-filled days of trekking up volcanoes to watch the sunrise, biking through rice fields, experiencing Balinese life in traditional markets and villages, and fun-filled days in the water.

Wondering what the right type of destination might be for you on your next vacation? The easiest way to get pointed in the right direction is figuring out what you love to do, and matching that with a destination that will provide you with that experience. THIS GUIDE will help you figure that out in a snap!