How to Budget for Vacation

How much does it really cost to go on the vacation your dreaming of? That is what most of us want to know, right? And preferably before we get our credit card bill with a few too many zeros and no real idea of how things added up so quickly. 

My hope is that this blog helps you understand what your vacation is actually going to cost. It’s more than just the cost of your hotel room each night, awesome flight deals aren’t that common during high season, and it matters what country you are actually laying your head down in. 


I suggest you take the time to research real costs in five important areas to understand how you are going to properly budget for your next vacation.

Cost of getting there and back

This is the cost of your international flights, transfers from the airport, etc., internal flights if you are on a multi-stop trip, etc. Generally speaking, this cost is pretty fixed if you are decisive on your destination, but if you are open to exploring other places, this can make a huge difference in the overall cost of your trip. [hint: If you have ever wondered when you should be buying your flights for vacation, this guide will help you determine the best practices for purchasing flights.]

Cost of accommodations

What you will likely spend per night on hotels or other types of accommodations is a big factor in your trip cost, but it’s far from the only one. It’s also important to know what is included in that cost. All inclusive stays are usually a cost-saving benefit, but they limit your ability to be out exploring. When possible, I always like to use properties where I can include breakfast in the cost. 


Activity Costs

These costs play a big part in the type of vacation experience you are going to have, but are often overlooked. Do you prefer private guides? Are you hoping to take a hot air balloon ride over the valley at sunrise? Will you want to set up a special vacation photoshoot to capture these special memories? Some of these activities might be pre-planned, and others you might decide on the go. Try to include all the experiences you know you want to enjoy and that the destination might require for you to experience it fully.

Cost of living in destination

What is the daily average cost of being in this particular place? What might you spend on food each day, taxis, train fares, private transfers, evening entertainment, etc. These are costs that can vary greatly by destination. A private driver for the day in Bali might cost $75, whereas in Italy it’s going to run at least $500. 

Other costs associated with travel

This would include visas, travel insurance, vaccinations if necessary, professional services of a travel consultant (like me), etc. 


Once you have a good idea of your total costs, you can proceed accordingly. Planning ahead allows you to be prepared, and this type of work saves you from any surprises, and helps in the decision making process.  

If all this makes your head spin, that’s what you have me for. Contact me to plan all the details, and make sure that each part of the process is accounted for.