Top 3 Foodie Vacations

Have I ever told you I am an amateur foodie? If you are wondering to yourself what “amateur” even means, I don’t really know. I made it up because I think real foodies might turn their nose up at me just a tad if I tried to invite myself to their club. 

Here is what it means for me… I love food. Eating is an experience. And if you know anything about me at all, you know I live for experiences. 

Best destination for foodies

If you relate to that in any way, it’s probably just as important to you to make sure that amazing food plays a big role on your vacations. In fact, when I did a quick inventory of all of my favorite destinations around the world I have had the opportunity to visit and explore, most of them made the list in large or small part because of what I ate. 

But if I were to pick 3 places and recommend them based on what you will eat, these would probably top the list.

Top 3 Foodie Vacations

1. Emilia- Romagna, Italy

It is almost impossible to choose one foodie hotspot in all of Italy. This is a country that lives and breathes good food, and if I had to live somewhere for the rest of my life and indulge in all delicious things, Italy would be my place. But if I was forced to narrow it down and help lead you to the one portion of the country where you will have your Mind. Blown. each and every time you sit down for a meal, it would be the Emilia-Romagna region.  Parma gives you parma ham and parmesan, along with it’s specialty balsamic vingegar, and in Bologna you’ll find the birthplace of ragu. Come here to enjoy the region’s spectacular restaurants or do some hands on participation in a cooking class.

where to go on a foodie vacation

2. San Sebastian, Spain

In this region of Spain, food is an art form. San Sebastian is a city in the northern Basque Country, and you can spend your days here strolling down the town’s cobbled streets, with multiple stops into bars and cafes for pintxos (tapas) and some local wine. After you’ve done a little more strolling and worked up an even bigger appetite, the area has an impressive lineup of Michelin-starred restaurants to choose from. 

3. Vietnam

If you want your tastebuds to love you forever, Vietnam is where it’s at. From the street-food culture in historic Hanoi, to discovering regional specialities as you explore Hoi An, this is definitely a country you want to eat your way through. It will be hard to tear yourself away from the ancient heritage sites, beautiful beaches, and amazingness that is Halong Bay, but you’ll want to definitely come with an expectation that you will eat, and eat well. You also might want to pack pants with an elastic waistband. 

How to plan a vacation to Vietnam


What do you think? Do any of these places sound like culinary heaven to you? Let me know if you’re ready to plan your next adventure around food. You won’t be disappointed, and I promise we can fit in a few other things onto the itinerary as well!